Where we are

The farm holiday Casanuova is located on the green mountains of the Parma Apennines after the village of Tizzano Val Parma, a tourist center at 815 meters above sea level, 40 km from Parma.

Around us

Around us there are countless fortresses and castles of the ancient Duchy of Parma and Piacenza; matildic churches and medieval cathedrals, the Stone of Bismantova sung by Dante Alighieri, the ruins of Canossa and the Valley of the Knights, ancient streets of pilgrims and smugglers such as “The Francigena” and the many “streets of salt”, charming villages and cities of art, nature reserves and parks such as the Tosco Emiliano National Park and the Park of 100 Lakes in which we find ourselves, spas, wellness centers and places Verdi, the “Food Valley partisan: during the last conflict these areas were the scene of battles and partisan movements. In particular, the “Casanuova " was at the time the seat of partisan command. You will be in the ideal area to visit all this.

How to get there

If you want to set the navigator it is advisable to first type "Tizzano Val Parma" and only after arriving at the village enter the name of the street: strada di Carobbio 11. Otherwise you may be directed to another location.

For those arriving from Parma it is advisable to take exit n.15 of the ring road towards Langhirano and continue until Tizzano Val Parma. We are 1 km and a half out of the village, on the road that leads to Casola.

For those arriving from La Spezia it is advisable to take the AULLA exit of the A15 motorway, face the Lagastrello Pass and continue along the Massese road until Tizzano Val Parma.

For those arriving by public transport, in Parma there is the G. Verdi airport, while from the train station depart the courier that reach the village of Tizzano Val Parma.

You can rent your bus or coach with driver by contacting the company with us in Riccò Mirko.


Our coordinates: 44.5120186, 10.1750006

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Strada di Carobbio 11,
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