Educational Farm


Educational activities for schools and summer centers

In the farm it is possible to carry out countless educational activities and workshops in a serene and stimulating atmosphere.

Upon their arrival, children and young people are greeted with a welcome sign, so an adventure begins that sees them explorers, artisans, scientists, farmers and artists in close contact with nature.

Each activity includes moments of play, study and reflection, but also of reading and listening; some require more time for their complete development, therefore they can be carried out during a stay of a whole day or during several meetings.

Others are seasonal and feasible in relation to climatic conditions. At the company is available the "Room of the Forest"; where you can carry out workshops and study the main wood essences.

It is possible to have packed lunch in the gardens around the house, on tables and benches and drink fresh spring water or have lunch on the farm.

Contact us to arrange your personalized visit, with the experiences you consider most interesting.

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