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Route for the blind "R. Saviola"

The way for the blind "Renzo Saviola" is a path in the woods about 1500 meters long, equipped to be traveled independently.

A simple and pleasant walk that offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature meeting yourself and the inhabitants of the forest.

via per non vedenti

The road, named after" Renzo Saviola", father of Manuel and grandfather of Diadorim, is the only example in Emilia Romagna and one of the very few in Italy of path for the blind made in such a way that it can be faced in absolute autonomy and safety.

It consists of a ring that leaves and returns to the company and that reaches a wonderful clearing after about 800 meters of gentle climb.

Before each visit the trail is checked and reordered so that the braille tables and ropes allow easy use. The 1/600 scale model shows the unfolding of the route in order to allow a conscious attendance of the places it crosses. 

Each of our guests can walk it and always, the school groups visiting our company, are invited to undertake sensory and naturalistic paths along it.

Trails for all with the Escargoline

The Escargoline is a cart, able to transport people with disabilities, or with reduced mobility or even children and the elderly on the trails.

It is pulled by our trained donkeys with the help of one or two specially trained people.

escargoline disabili sui sentieri

The Escargoline can safely transport an adult, two teenagers, or even three children, or a mother and her two children, or a grandmother with her two grandchildren.

Escargoline is a wonderful tool against disability because it opens the walk and hike to people who otherwise could not do this type of experience. Where the wheelchair can not go, due to the structure of the route, the Escargoline passes without problems.

We periodically organize special excursions with this vehicle along the paths of the Cento Laghi Park, but we are also available to move in other contexts or on personalized days, by agreement.

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