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The night calls and the adventures of wild animals, the smells of moss and wet earth. The thunder and lightning so close by, but above all the knowledge that we had to make do and create something from the new, irretrievably bewitched us and it was easy, in the end, to choose this place and not others. This is what Grandparents Franca and Manuel thought when they moved here.

It is also thanks to them that we better understand and truly realise how simple values satisfy and are more indispensable than the unbridled pursuit of useless needs.

It often happens to us, in a break from work or after dinner when the work is done, to talk to our guests to get to know each other, suggesting visits and excursions to those who ask.

We produce ourselves, as much as possible, what is necessary for our livelihood and for the farm's organic restaurant.

As our way of life, we have always practised separate waste collection and composting; renewable energy sources help us to respect the environment, in the knowledge that we are lending this place to future generations.

vitellone allevamento biologico

Fifty years ago,
a life choice

Stables that close, villages that are depopulated, countryside that are abandoned... yet here at the Casanuova a few years ago came Cornigliese sheep, Red Spotted Donkeys from Romagna and after 39 years another child: the little Dafne.

"Autumn Tastes"

Interview with Chiara and Diadorim for the 'Sapori d'Autunno' programme of 12TVParma (Ed. 2022).


to welcome guests...

chiara saviola


she has lived here for 20 years, is a peasant cook, IAP and director of the country's musical band



he has lived here since 1978, is a mycologist and environmental hiking guide, specializing in working with donkeys



she was born here, she guides the little ones to discover her estate


Manuel and Franca

good ideas come from grandfather Manuel, artistic taste and pictorial art are from grandmother Franca

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