The blind people path

The way for blind people is a path through the woods along about 1500 meters, equipped to be driven in battery life. A simple and pleasant walk offering the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature encountering themselves and the inhabitants of the forest.


I titled the way for blind people to my father, "Renzo Saviola". We opened it in September 1999 with the sponsorship of Tizzano Val Parma, the Italian Union of the Blind and the Mountain Community. It is the only instance in Emilia Romagna and one of the few in Italy of route for blind people made ​​in such a way that you can deal with complete autonomy and security. It consists of a ring that begins and ends to the farm and that comes to a wonderful glade after about 800 meters of gentle ascent. Before each visit the path is checked and serviced because the tables in Braille and the ropes would make it easy to use. The scale model 1/600 shows the evolution of the path so as to allow a frequentation aware of the places it passes through.

Every guest can cycle and always, school groups visiting to our farm, are invited to take sensory  and nature pathways along it.