Around us

Culture, traditions, nature and tastings. The history and crafts in Val Parma.


Many castles and palaces of the ancient Ducato di Parma e Piacenza; pievi matildiche e cattedrali medioevali; the “Pietra di Bismantova” sung by Dante Alighieri; the ruins of Canossa and the Valley of the Knights; ancient streets of pilgrims and smugglers such as "The Francigena "and many" salt routes”; charming villages and cities; nature reserves and parks such as Tosco Emiliano National Park and the Parco dei 100 Laghi  in which we find ourselves; centri termali , centro benessere and luoghi verdiani; the “Food Valley” and the strada dei vini e dei sapori; places of memoria partigiana: during the last war these areas were the scene of battles and partisan movements. You will be in great base for exploring all that.