What we do

Old recipes saved and revisited. Modern technology for maximum attention to hygiene. The boar donated by hunters.

Berries, honey, essential oils, spirits, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, jam, mustard, eggs and poultry are some of the organic produce you can enjoy dining with us. Find them on the farm or in the online shop.

We are custodians farmers of  “Romagnole”  chickens. Eggs and meat contribute to food. The breeding of bees was started immediately and is one of the activities Icare about most.  I still have the first hive I bought. It is not difficult to convince friends to use good honey instead of sugar!

The forage, all organic, reaches the stables of the nearby farmers to increase milk production.

In the orchard we grow especially raspberries, but black and red currant, gooseberries, blackberries, Josta and other small fruits.

In the greenhouse we anticipate the production of the garden and cultivate plants of berries and native ornamental species, but also edible or just interesting.

We transform some of the fruits of the garden and the orchard, and also the spontaneous plants and undergrowth. We have a mycologist at home and herbs are the passion of all. In the preparation of liqueurs and jams we follow recipes that make the products not only excellent but also special.

In the kitchen preparing recipes from the highland area such as ravioli, pasta, wild boar, hunter, mushrooms, sausage and fruit tarts, using mostly our products in accordance with the seasons. Our valley is famous for the "Parmigiano Reggiano" ham "Parma", the "Salame di Felino" and "wines of the Colli di Parma".