Who we are

Forty years ago we made a lifestyle choice that has led us to move from the city to the mountains and live in harmony with nature.

We produce ourselves, as far as possible, what is necessary for our sustenance and for the guests of our organic holiday farm.

The greenery, the clear air and the silence. Hearing nightlife and adventures of wild animals, the smell of moss and damp earth. The thunder and lightning so near but also the awareness of having to arrange and create something new has hopelessly bewitched us and it was easy, after all, to choose this place and not others.

Today we understand better and we become really aware of how simple values are most fulfilling and not the unbridled pursuit of unnecessary needs.

We often after dinner, with work finished, entertain our guests to get to know each other, and our kids like to suggest, to people who asked, tours and excursions.